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Open x100 - 06.01.23!

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Valhalla Mu administration welcomes you. On January 6 at 18:00 GMT +3, the NEW x100 rate will start on our server. 😃

The Shop on the site will open after 1 siege, and from the start, only the purchase of VIP and Credits for exchange in WCoin for the starting XShop will be available. A number of improving updates have been carried out on the server regarding the complication of the gameplay!

For all your questions, write to the administration in a convenient way for you! Happy New Year! 😉



  • Experience Rate: X100 (+Dynamic)
  • Drop Rate : 50%
  • Max LVL: 400
  • Maximum Resets: 2000 Reset
  • Grand Reset: No have on our server!
  • Max. Stats: 32767 Poitns
  • MG/DL: Create 220/250 LVL
  • Stats after resets: DK/DW/ELF - 200 points, DL/MG 250 POINTS
  • Getting points: Not only for resets, but also for the quest system
  • LVL UP: DW, DK, ELF - 5 Point / DL, MG - 7 Point
  • Max exl. option: 3 Options
  • Have exl + anc: Max 3 exe Options

Important Features:

  • No have Grand Reset on server;
  • After 500 reset required Jewel of Reset;
  • Jewel of Exellent can only be added to an Exellent item with at least 1 option, i.e. not added to a normal anc;
  • Level to create a guild: 250
  • Game commands: /addene /addagi /addstr /addvit /addcmd and others;
  • Bonuses for voting for the server;
  • Unique game Quest System, consists of 277+ interesting quests with good prizes;
  • 9 new stones with useful properties;
  • In-game trading system (offstore) on the Davias map;
  • Offexp system;
  • Various unique pink options;
  • Premium system;
  • Have noob, party and guild buff;
  • 8 chests;
  • New interesting locations as for the season 3 server;
  • Displaying spots on Minimap (TAB);
  • New weapon Castle Siege Edition Items;
  • New unique monsters and bosses;
  • Added new unique Ancient sets;
  • The maximum number of options when make, donating or buy in a shop on the site is 3;

Events on x100:

  • Blood Castle
  • Devil's Square
  • Chaos Castle
  • Golden Invasion
  • Skeleton Invasion
  • White Wizard Invasion
  • Castle Siege
  • Rena Collected
  • Kantru (Maya & Nightmare Event)
  • Crywolf (Balgass)
  • Raklion
  • Arena Happy Time
  • TvT Battle Event
  • Anubis Invasion
  • Medusa Invasion
  • Lucky Drop Event.
  • Kundun Invasion
  • Farea Boss
  • Diablo Invasion
  • Illusion Temple Event
  • Golden Archer Event
  • Double Goer Event
  • Custom Ancient Boss
  • Dier Premium Boss
  • Dinofols Karutan Boss
  • Golden Kundun Invasion
  • Golden Erohim Invasion
  • Golden Hell Maine Invasion
  • Army Goblin Invasion
  • Inferno Boss
  • God of Water Boss

Castle Siege :

Every week, the server hosts the main event - the siege of Castle Siege. The winning alliance, along with the castle, gets access to the special location Land of Trials and gets the ability to brew unique top-end weapons (Castle Siege Edition) at the Senier.

Table :

  • Monday-Tuesday. Registration for the siege of the castle.
  • Wednesday. Change Sign of Lord.
  • Friday. 12:00 - Selection of guilds for the attack and announcement of participants. 19:00 - Preparation for the attack.
  • Sunday. Preparing for the attack. And 20:00 – 21:00 (Server Time, GMT +3) - Castle Siege.

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